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Recent Articles of Mine

From the book My Funny Cowboy Dance

“Heading Out West for Fun and Relaxation” — The Times

“Clean Air, Beautiful Vistas, Friendly People — the West Is Paradise!” — Sunset Magazine

“I Am Lassoed and Dragged Behind a Horse by Drunken Cowboys!” — Tombstone News

“Dragged by Horse Every Day!  Why Me?” — Arizona Daily Star

“Explaining to Your Wife Why It’s Not Your Fault That You Are Dragged So Often” — Couples Magazine

“Ten Things Never to Say to Drunken Cowboys, or You’ll Get Dragged” — Men’s Journal

“Why Yelling ‘Whoa! Whoa!’ to a Horse Has Absolutely No Effect Whatsoever” — Equestrian Quarterly
“Why a Clean White Shirt and a Cheerful Attitude Will Get You Dragged Every Time” — Psychology Today

“For the Love of God, Isn’t There Any Law Enforcement in this Godforsaken Land?” — Greenhorn Digest

“Grabbing on to Rocks and Bushes Doesn’t Stop You from Being Dragged — And May Injure Your Arm” — Mayo Clinic Health Letter

“When Your Wife Leaves You for One of the Draggers” — Cuckold Weekly

“Consoled by Drunken Cowboys, but Then Dragged” — Western Ways
“‘Yee-Haw!’: The Two Most Chilling Words in the English Language” — Recurring Nightmare Magazine

“Why Dressing Like a Schoolmarm Won’t Prevent You from Being Dragged” — Modern Disguises

“Rattlesnakes Can Still Bite You Even Though You’re Whizzing By” — Natural History

“Why Rubbing Sand Into a Drag Burn Is Not As Crazy As It Sounds” — Men’s Health

“Einstein Was Right: Time Seems to Slow Down When You’re Being Dragged by a Horse” — Science

“How to Tell When Cowboys Get That ‘Dragging Look’ in Their Eyes” — People Reading

“Pocket Knives That Can Supposedly Cut Ropes Don’t Work at All” — Cutlery Digest

“Why Buying Your Dragger a Drink After a Dragging Is Just Asking for More Trouble” — Whisky Magazine

“Attempting to Drag Someone: Why It’s Harder Than It Looks — and May Result in You Being Dragged” — Popular Mechanics
“Prairie Dogs: Cute but No Help” — Western Rodent
“Trying to Quietly Tiptoe Away: Instant Dragging Bait” — Sneaky Weekly

“Looking for Arrowheads While You’re Being Dragged” — Archaeology Magazine

“Autumn: the Most Beautiful Time to Be Dragged By a Horse” — Arizona Highways

“When the Drag Ends and the Dust Settles: A Time for Reflection” — Philosophy Now

“Heading Back East: Sadder but Wiser” — The Times

“A Surprise in the Mail: An Arrowhead in a Card Signed by ‘The Drunken Cowboys’” — The New Yorker